Nebosh IGC Books

Nebosh IGC Book

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) is a widely recognized and highly respected qualification in the field of health, safety, and environmental management. It is designed for people who have health and safety responsibilities in their workplace or who are looking to pursue a career in this field.


To prepare for the NEBOSH IGC exam, candidates typically use a study book that covers the various topics that are included in the syllabus. The contents of these books may vary depending on the publisher, but they generally cover the following topics:


Management of international health and safety

Identification and control of workplace hazards

Hazardous substances and materials

Work equipment safety

Fire safety

Electrical safety

Safety in the workplace

Construction safety

The environment and sustainability

The NEBOSH IGC book will typically provide an overview of each topic, along with detailed information about relevant laws, regulations, and best practices. It will also include practical examples and case studies to help candidates understand how to apply the concepts they have learned.


Overall, the NEBOSH IGC book is an essential resource for anyone who is preparing for the exam or who wants to improve their knowledge of health, safety, and environmental management.