Powder Fire Extinguishers

Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

DCP Fire Extinguishers: Protect Your Property and People

Are you looking for a versatile and cost-effective fire extinguisher to protect your property and people? Look no further than DCP fire extinguishers. DCP stands for Dry Chemical Powder, a highly effective fire extinguishing agent that can be used on Class A, B, and C fires.

Types of DCP Fire Extinguishers

We offer a variety of DCP fire extinguishers to meet your specific needs. Our range includes:

1kg DCP Fire Extinguisher: Ideal for small fires and easy to handle, this extinguisher is suitable for use in cars, boats, and kitchens.
2kg DCP Fire Extinguisher: Suitable for home and office use, this extinguisher is lightweight and easy to use.4kg DCP Fire Extinguisher: Designed for larger fires in industrial settings, this extinguisher provides ample protection for high-risk areas.
6kg DCP Fire Extinguisher: Ideal for larger commercial and industrial spaces, this extinguisher is designed to control fires quickly and effectively.

Why Choose DCP Fire Extinguishers?

Versatile: DCP fire extinguishers can handle a wide range of fire scenarios, from ordinary combustibles (Class A) to flammable liquids (Class B) and electrical equipment (Class C).
Effective: The dry chemical powder in DCP fire extinguishers smothers flames and prevents them from reigniting, helping to minimize damage and protect lives.
Easy to Use: DCP fire extinguishers are relatively simple to operate, even for individuals without extensive fire training.
Affordable: DCP fire extinguishers are generally less expensive than other types of fire extinguishers, making them a cost-effective option for businesses and individuals.





How to Use DCP Fire Extinguishers

Using a DCP fire extinguisher is easy with the following steps:

Pull the safety pin.
Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire.
Squeeze the lever to release the dry chemical powder.
Sweep the nozzle from side to side until the fire is extinguished.
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