Nebosh IG2 Checklist

Nebosh IG2 Checklist

I. Introduction

Overview of the purpose and importance of the NEBOSH IG2 checklist
Explanation of the NEBOSH IG2 assessment process
II. Management Systems

Assessment of the organization’s health and safety management systems
Review of the policies and procedures in place to manage health and safety risks
Evaluation of the organization’s safety culture and commitment to health and safety
III. Risk Assessment

Assessment of the organization’s risk assessment process and procedures
Review of the risk assessment records and documentation
Identification of areas where risk assessment could be improved
IV. Hazard Control

Assessment of the organization’s hazard control measures, including engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE)
Evaluation of the effectiveness of hazard control measures
Identification of areas where hazard control could be improved
V. Communication and Training

Assessment of the organization’s communication and training processes related to health and safety
Review of the training records and documentation
Evaluation of the effectiveness of communication and training processes
VI. Emergency Preparedness

Assessment of the organization’s emergency preparedness and response procedures
Evaluation of the effectiveness of emergency response plans and procedures
Identification of areas where emergency preparedness could be improved

VII. Incident Investigation

Assessment of the organization’s incident investigation procedures
Review of incident investigation records and documentation
Evaluation of the effectiveness of incident investigation procedures
VIII. Legal Compliance

Assessment of the organization’s legal compliance with relevant health and safety regulations and standards
Identification of areas where legal compliance could be improved
Review of the organization’s reporting and record-keeping processes related to legal compliance
IX. Conclusion

Recap of key points covered in the NEBOSH IG2 checklist
Importance of ongoing evaluation and improvement of health and safety management systems and processes.